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Welcome to the Deck Log for the Spring 2013 Shakedown Voyage from Verplanck to Athens.


Each season, before any Voyage can begin, many preperations
must be made. As we call it on the Half Moon, Day Zero spans
out across several days, even weeks.

Entries: First Steps

DAY 1:  Friday, April 05

Today, the rest of the crew is due to arrive by the afternoon. Once
final preperations
are made, our two day voyage will be underway.
Entries: Making Preperations

DAY 2:  Saturday, April 06

Today, our two day voyage to Athens will be underway. By early morning, our crew will rise and cast our mooring lines off.
Entries: A Frigid Start

DAY 3:   Sunday, April 07

Today, we commence the first voyage of the 2013 season. By mid day, our crew will depart and the Half Moon will be securely moored at Peckham Materials.
Entries: Deploying Dock Lines

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