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At long last, Spring has returned to the Capital Region and the Half Moon is getting ready with its first trip of the season. On this short trip from King Marine in Verplanck, NY to Peckham Materials in Athens, NY, the crew of volunteers will test all systems aboard the ship to make sure they are all properly functioning.

Before commencing with these checks and leaving dock, the A-frame used to protect the ship through the winter months will be removed, ice eaters will be disconnected and the emergency raft will be loaded onto the ship.

Once all is well and in ship shape, the two day trip to Athens will be underway. Follow the links below to meet the crew and track the progress of the voyage.


The Deck Log aboard the Half Moon is a look
into what we are doing each day.


Check out our Crew Page and learn about all of 

the individuals who have made this voyage possible.


Through our Learning Pages, you will get a glimpse at
the flora and fauna populations that spawn the vast
territories of the Hudson River Valley.

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